Privacy Policy

Terms of the Privacy Policy
Our privacy policy is set to help all of the businesses, consumers, and general public alike in understanding how we obtain and utilize the personal information in which you provide to us. We are also here to help our website viewers and customers make fully educated and informed decisions when using our website and the services we provide.

Your Privacy is Our Policy
No need to fret, we only use your provided email address for when we are confirming an Internet order, to notify you of any website changes, and for announcing special deals we will be having. Thus, you can be at ease knowing that your personal information is not handed out to other companies.

When you use our website services, you are consenting to the use of your personal information. If changes to the privacy policy and procedures are made, we will announce this on our website. You will be acknowledged of what information we obtain, how it is used and when it will be disclosed.
You can request all changes and updates through surface mail at any point, also.

The Personal Info You Provide Us
Registration Information
When you choose to be a registered user of our services, you provide us with information about yourself if you are a consumer or your business or firm for business purposes.
Email Information
When you choose to correspond with our team through email, we may preserve the content of your email, your email address and all of both party’s responses.

How We Utilize Your Personal Info
As our top priority, we only use the information you provide us for managing and expanding our business offers, to deliver customer service, and making other products and services available to you. Intermittently, we may also use this information to alert you of any changes to our website and any new specials we are currently offering.

Other Forms of Use
Cookie Information
Cookies are very small text documents that are stored on the user’s computer, designed to hold a small amount of data for the client and website. When you visit our website, our website asks your computer for permission to store these files in order to know who you are. All websites can send their own form of cookies to your browser, but only if your browser allows it. These cookies are only sent to browsers that have accessed the website previously.
Cookies are ultimately our website’s resource for calculating the cumulative number of people who visit our site, as well as parts of the site that are most viewed. This is the best method for gathering feedback from our customers and viewers in order to improve the site.

How We Use Your Cookie Information
This is the best way to differentiate you between our other customers. Our website can tell who you are based on the cookies created from your previous visits. For some preferences, our website uses cookies to eliminate unnecessary advertisements you may not care to see. For login purposes, cookies help so you do not have to login in multiple times.
Don’t worry, though. Cookies do not allow us to collect any of your personal information or allow us to store any of your personal information.

Third Party Info
For entering into partnerships, alliances or making business arrangements, your personal information may be given in regards to products and services that we think will be of interest to you. This includes your name, address, email and phone number. We may also include certain information to third parties only if we think it will be used in a responsible manner.
Third parties are used to facilitate our business in connection to our services and business operations. We use them for credit card processing, as well as for sending emails. Your personal information may be used in connection to our business activities. When we buy or sell any assets or offerings, customer, email and visitor information are transferred over. This also includes corporate divestitures, mergers, and any dissolution.
Notifications of Updates and Changes
As with any company, our privacy policy is subject to periodic reviews and changes. For checking the current privacy policy or reviewing any changes, users can check this page intermittently. If we are to change our policy, we will also post the changes to other places appropriate for users to access. Thus, you will always be aware of the information we collect, how it is used and in what cases it will be disclosed. Users who choose to provide communication of our services through email may also be contacted via email about our changes.

You Have Choices
Until you become a registered user of our services, you will remain in our opt-out category. As a first time user, we will always give you the option to of having your personal information used for any purposes not directly associated to our website.
Hate emails? For those who do not wish to receive any of our promotional emails, in-mail items, or monthly newsletters, you can choose to opt out of this service. Contact us or send us an email to opt out of these options.

What We Do to Protect Your Info
Securing Transmission of Information
We advise that you do not send us private information through email. Unfortunately, email is not a secure medium in communication. Due to the fact that some of the information you enter into our website may be transmitted securely via encryption services. Please contact us with any question or concerns regarding this.

Accessing and Correcting Your Info
You can always have your personal information that we collect online from you requested and accessed. Contact us for any changes or requests.

Websites Linked to Our Website
All of our users should remember that, when you use a link that has been connected to our website to go to another site, our privacy policy is no longer in effect to you. Links on websites are often simply provided as guides for other topics that may be useful to the user. The interactions and browsing done on other website is then subject to solely the other websites policies. We are not responsible for any other website practices, as well as the information or content contained when accessed.

Contact Information
For any questions, corrections, or deletion regarding your personal or private information, please contact us.

Opting Out
Don’t want to hear from us anymore? You can choose to be removed from our mailing list, both physical address and email address.  To opt out, contact us today.